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HL Plant is Scotland’s leading safety decking  and soft landing solutions supplier.  We have our own transport and logistics meaning that we can supply load deck systems and safety bags across Scotland and Northern England.

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The G-Deck trestle system forms part of our main G-DECK system. The system is designed to be both a trestle initially and then a crash deck platform using the same components, this was with a view to saving our users money who needed both.

Compared to most systems which are one or the other, our system can be used at low level course for building up starting at a deck height of 0.8m with options to extend up when needed. With additional components such as handrails, cross braces and toe boards, our trestle system is very secure and easy to erect.

Then once you have completed the low level, you use the same components to then build out your crash deck working platform.


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